When does the internship take place ?

The internship usually lasts 15 weeks in the period between February and June or between September and December. Only visiting students carrying out an internship within the framework of Erasmus agreements are allowed a shorter internship at another period of time during the academic year. The internship is scheduled for the last semester of the three years of the Bachelor programme.

What are our requirements?

The intern has to be supervised by a tutor in the organization, he/she should be ideally part of the organization IT team. The stage aims at enabling the student to evolve full-time as an analyst-programmer. The internship is unpaid, however, it has to be conducted in a normal professional manner. The intern is covered by the school insurance for the whole duration of the internship.

What does the task of the tutor in the organization consist in?

The tutor in the organization follows up and assesses the work by the student during his/her internship. The tutor takes part in assessing the final report and its final oral presentation. He/she is asked to be present at ESI for half a day in June when the student reports on his/her internship.

What code do the interns comply with?

Our interns have to comply with a series of guidelines given in the 'Guide de la recherche de stages' and the 'Guide du stagiaire'. They must demonstrate autonomy and personal initiative. In order to materialize these capacities, the students are required to set out on their own procedures in order to find an internship as determined by the school and clearly outlined so as to avoid any form of breaches. In this regard they choose themselves their internship in accordance with their professional aspirations. They have been thoroughly informed on the importance of selecting a organization the school has regular contacts with. The school is then in a position to have some insight in the type and the quality of the work performed in the organization and required of the student.

How can you present an internship?

You can send us a form of internship offer . Enquiries for internship are usually undertaken in the first semester of the academic year.

M. David Nabet, internships coordination
Ecole Supérieure d'Informatique
67 rue Royale
B-1000 Bruxelles