Continued research

The teaching of computer science is changing very rapidly in comparison with other fields. Fortunately if some fundamental concepts stay quite stable, we have to keep in mind some other concepts are emerging at an accelerating speed with new environments allowing them to take into practice. These apparitions, disappearances and reappearances in another paradigm of knowledge and volatile know-hows call for quick changes in the teaching of computer science. In general, it is considered that a course aiming advanced techniques in computer sciences will be prepared just once even if some elements will be used in the future.

Constant scientific watch, life-long learning here more than everywhere else, close technological monitoring, are essential for a high quality of teaching, as well as a pedagogical watch a and the follow-up of how our young people interact with new technologies and their impact on society. Besides courses (often expensive) organized by operators of high quality specialized training, it is required to look for adapted online university courses, good books, to put into practice what it has been studied through study of new cases, to seek exchanges with academic and professional world to keep up with this rapid evolution mentioned above.

That's the reason why it seems essential to put the emphasis on this notion of 'continued research' absolutely vital for the high quality teaching of advanced technologies in software development and spend time to it that is not always recognized.